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At Project Conversations, we are a little bit nosy about who is doing what project and how they are doing it. The best way to learn is from lived experience. I hope you enjoy these interviews.

Ali Fowler, Founder & CEO

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Ash Manuel
CEO - Growing With Gratitude

60 Secs With Ash 

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Show Notes

Today we’re speaking with Ash Manuel from the Growing with Gratitude project. From a young sports star growing up in Adelaide to becoming a teacher, he shares his insights on how he managed to move from a full-time teaching gig to now following his dream project full-time and impacting thousands of young people. He is now the CEO and Founder of Growing with Gratitude, a school program that has already reached 500 schools, 150,000 students, and is being accessed in over 40 countries across the globe. His mission is to help people build and protect their mental health by having a daily gratitude practice in their lives.

1:01 – Ash is welcomed to the show.

2:16 – Ash’s background.

  • His interest in sports as a child and later success.

4:52 – What Ash learned about achievement and success.

  • Realizing that your life is in your own hands.
  • Doing something every day.
  • Enjoying being a teacher but wanting more freedom.

7:42 – What Ash discovered while teaching.

  • Investing.
  • Practising gratitude and it leading to success.
  • Skills that Ash acquired from being a teacher.
  • Combining gratitude with the classroom environment.
  • The vision that Ash had for Growing with Gratitude.

13:09 – Becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Starting the business while still working full-time.

15:54 – Sharing the idea with friends and family.

  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded people.
  • Reaching out to people and advice for doing so.

21:42 – Testing out Growing with Gratitude while still being a teacher.

  • Asking the principal of the school for permission to trial the content.
  • Meeting with a professor from the University of South Australia.

23:42 – Partnerships.

  • Realizing the need for partners.
  • Questions that Ash asked himself to find suitable partners.
  • Getting a partnership with a professional sports team.

28:34 – The enjoyment factor.

  • The long but fun process.

31:03 – Leaving teaching to do Growing with Gratitude full-time.

  • Ash’s principal telling him to keep pursuing success.

33:33 – A success story regarding a recent meeting that Ash had.

35:49 – Quick questions.

  • Planning.
  • Feeling like quitting.
  • The biggest hurdle.

38:46 – Information about Growing with Gratitude.

  • The primary school and high school versions.

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