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“Ali Fowler likes YOUR PROJECTS more than you do”

Project chick, indie publisher, tone deaf shower singer, coach, mentor and avid rose gardener

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When social entrepreneurs want to run fast, be creative and come up with the big ideas, Ali is there to put the foundational architecture in place to help bring their ideas into reality, without slowing them down!

Ali learned from experience that rising up the corporate ladder was ultimately unfulfilling without aligning with a strong sense of purpose, so she’s embarked on a mission to tackle projects that are close to her heart and bring advancement in global education and well-being.

She’s now formed her own enterprise, World Projects, to provide key services to the non-profit and social enterprise sectors on a local and global scale.

Ali is embarking on a new personal venture to share all that she has learned and the wisdom from her generous mentors and will be packaging up tips and training into actionable information and practical help for people who have a project to deliver or a dream to get off the back burner.

As Chief Motivator at Project School &, Ali wants to inspire people to know what their next steps are and to go ahead take them, even if they are not ready. Her key message is ‘your purpose plus the right project can change lives’.

She is the founder and editor of the ProjectsWeLike magazine, available on Apple Store and Google Play.

In direct response to her coaching client’s questions and challenges, Ali is writing a number of short books to help people find simpler ways to take projects on and create real impact. This is a re-invention of traditional project management training.

It’s project school, without all the boring bits!

She has over 20+ years experience in leading, managing and delivered hundreds of projects working in retail, live entertainment, sport, major events and education with responsibility for multi-million-dollar improvement programs and is not done yet!

Ali lives in Melbourne, Australia and works globally.


“Your Services are No Longer Needed” Was My


There are questions we don’t ask ourselves that can doom our dreams, sabotage our best intentions and leave us drifting in failure and purposelessness. Alison Fowler has asked herself some tough questions. In the process, she has come up with a way to inspire and help individuals and organizations cut through some of their self-limiting attitudes and make remarkable things happen...