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"We're not going to let your projects turn to custard! We'll give you actionable information and practical help to get you and your projects over the line."

"We’re for projects and their owners WHO WANT TO MAKE A REAL IMPACT."


Why We Are Crazy In Love WIth Project Land

Many people work with World Projects

Because they want to give back and be part of something






What better place to start than in every classroom in Australia and then around the globe.

Johnathon Manu, Age 8. "Enjoying Life" Copyright and permission granted by Jessica Sharman, Robinvale AUST.

We won’t let you give up or
give in on your important


World Projects was founded on Dec 2, 2014 as a personal growth, profit with purpose, venture for people with projects to deliver, that can make a real impact to their lives, families, businesses, communities or our global world.

Since that time, we have worked within individuals, small business owners and non profit organizations to help select, structure and deliver their most important projects for the most advantage and highest strategic impact.

Our personalized coaching has helped project owners develop new skills and insights to get the job done as well as individuals on a mission to get it all out of their heads and into action.

We teach a modern, light, entrepreneurial style of project delivery based on 20+ years experience on 100’s of projects and share the wisdom from mentors and people who know how to get ideas off the ground and over the line.



is to help make your PROJECTS SIMPLE and DO-ABLE to SAVE YOU TIME so you can go and play your bigger game.

We teach a modern, light, entrepreneurial style of project delivery based on 20+ years experience on 100’s of projects and share the wisdom from mentors and people who know how to get ideas off the ground and over the line.

We like our projects to be EPIC AND For us that means :

They ENERGISE you.
They are made POSSIBLE.
And they are COMPLETED!

Contribution is never about scale, publicity or fame. It doesn't matter if your project feels small and local or big and global. It's not a comparison game on how many people you impacted. Many people's work will never be made public or given any profile. Let's celebrate and recognize all the efforts we each can make in our way. 

And if we helped one life, then it would be worth it. Agree? 


“Ali Fowler is take charge and amazing. As an Executive Coach, in an instant, she will transform your BIG IDEA into the new reality”

Sam Beard - Founder & President, GIFT
More Mindful World
Chaired programs for 8 U.S. Presidents
Delaware, USA

“Ali provides the balance that the creative visionary needs. She takes your vision, even if it’s expressed through jumbled words and drawings and creates a well-organized project to execute. Ali is strategic and remains focused on the why, the what, and the how. Ali knows how to give your legacy project legs to stand on.”

Kim Dixon - Executive Coach
Illuminate Leadership Coaching
California, USA

“Being someone who loves to action can have its draw backs. It is sometimes overwhelming because there is a long list of tasks accumulating. I’d often work on a task for the simple fact “it was at least doing something”. Since being introduced to the Now, Soon, Later method it has changed everything. In just 5 minutes I can clearly map out the most important tasks that I need to do NOW that will get me closer to my goal, the tasks that are important , but in the scheme of things can be completed SOON and the tasks that are important, but can be completed LATER down the track. This simple method has provided a clear path to getting things done in fast time.”

Kim Dixon - Executive Coach
Illuminate Leadership Coaching
California, USA

“Alison’s Planning Day was an incredible opportunity to jumpstart problem solving a challenging issue that our not for profit organisation wasexperiencing. The structure made it so simple to identify the key aspects of the issue and create an extremely specific and targeted plan for the next six months. What I didn’t expect was how relevant the project structures and strategies that Alison presented would be for our entire organisation, from the board to our program participants. The tools were so concise and simple and yet have the ability to yield a high level result, it has really opened my eyes to utilising tools from the project world in the not for profit disability sector. In the weeks, that have followed the Planning Day, our organisation has been able to effectively implement the plan that was created and have already adopted the tools within our Board of Directors. We look forward to trialling these tools throughout our entire organisation in the coming months and are very excited about being able to improve the consistency and quality of our programs”

Kate Heine - Managing Director
Heads Together for ABI
Melbourne, AUS

“Lasso those thoughts into a do-able planTo be honest, Alison, I really felt that you listened to my dream and my wonderful, scattered thoughts of potentiality. The whole she-bang. Then, with (your super powers of) guidance and clarity (let’s not forget, patience) you enabled me to lasso those thoughts and funnel them into a do-able project plan with your Now Soon Later concept. What a fantastic tool for organizing my ideas, defining roles, prioritizing tasks, and making the process of project fruition a joy again; it’s priceless! And as my accountability coach, your continued support and guidance will be most welcome. I can’t wait to check in with you on my progress. I am filled with joy as I see the foundation of my success being built from my own ideas with the help of you, a true visionary and my new personal project manager. I love what you do. I love what I do. And I love what we do together, what a team! Thanks for being a part of my team and my success. I am truly grateful.”

Genie Divine - Wellness & Spiritual Coach
Colorado, USA

“If you have a legacy project and are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of so many things to consider and do, Ali can help to synthesize through the clutter and to distill the essentials into an easy to follow Plan. Ali’s experience, calm manner and no-fuss approach helps people to break the project down and focus on the things that matter, a step at a time.”

Nada Matijevic - Career Talent Strategist
Innovative Consulting Solutions
Melbourne, AUS